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Community Tennis Guidelines: Metropolitan Melbourne
These guidelines are designed to support anyone involved in delivering or playing tennis to do so within current State COVID-19 Restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne.
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Community Tennis Checklist: Metropolitan Melbourne
The Checklist links to resources to support Clubs, Centres, Coaches and Associations to consider when returning to play, to ensure the safety of all participants and the community in Metropolitan Melbourne.
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Player Attendance Register
A template document for recording who has attended the club at a specific time. This is to facilitate adequate contact tracing should an attendee be confirmed with contracting COVID-19
Player Declaration Form
A form for players and officials to complete prior to participation in a tennis competition in the interest of protecting the health and well-being of all.
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Modified Competition Formats
These tournaments allow clubs an opportunity to re-engage people back into competitive matches and modified competition tennis after a long break due to COVID-19.
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