TennisConnect Rewards

Thank you for your patience as we’ve rolled out the My Tennis software. After 8 months of intensive development and updates to the initial version, we are pleased that My Tennis has improved and that new tools and functions have been released.

With these improvements to My Tennis, clubs can now start thinking about building their TennisConnect Rewards!

TennisConnect Rewards are based on the number of players who set up a tennis account. For every player that successfully creates a tennis account, your club will be given $5 when nominated by the player.

To be eligible to receive these TennisConnect Rewards your club needs to offer memberships online through My Tennis and activate its online payment gateway by 31 May 2017.

Keep an eye out for an email about the release of the Rewards Tools in My Tennis (it’s coming soon). The Rewards Tool allows your club to send customised emails to players to invite them to set up their tennis account.

There is additional information and resources available at

What can our club do right now?

An important step is for your club to offer memberships online and activate your online payment gateway. There are many benefits in taking this step, including being eligible to receive TennisConnect Rewards.

The best way to maximise your club’s TennisConnect Rewards is to offer memberships online for your club’s next membership renewal period. By offering memberships online your players set up their Join Tennis account when completing their membership.

But if you initially choose another player registration option, you still have before 31 May 2017 to offer memberships online to be eligible to receive TennisConnect Rewards.

To discuss your TennisConnect Rewards options, or to arrange My Tennis training, please contact your local Participation Leader or the TennisConnect team via 8420 8420.