Improve your club’s facilities with a rebate or loan

Planning for facility developments can be a complex task, and achieving the required level of funding can take up a lot of time and effort. Naturally, everyone involved wants to see a return on investment.

It is essential that any facility development is planned, implemented and managed effectively. Defining needs and plans are important to ensuring a facility project commences successfully. A knowledge of the financial commitment must also be defined.

With all this in place a good foundation for seeking assistance for both the project and financial investment has been undertaken.

Local Government are a key supporter of tennis facilities and can provide either grants or budgeted investment. Clubs should contact their local council’s sport or recreation staff to discuss facility development plans and advocate for support. A great resource for Victorian clubs is the Know Your Council website:

For more information on how you can receive funding for your club or facility go to:

 For further advice and support from Tennis Victoria, contact your local Club Development Officer.