Victorian Spirit of Tennis

Formerly known as the Victorian Centenary of Tennis Award, renamed the Victorian Spirit of Tennis in 2011, this award recognises a person who has made a significant and valuable contribution to the advancement or popularity of the sport in any field, such as journalism, media, tournament management, general management at a national or state level, international management, supporting, coaching or playing. The recipient must have been born in Victoria or lived the majority of their life as a Victorian resident.

Past winners are listed below:

1980 Frank Sedgman
1981 Neale Fraser
1982 Brian Tobin
1983 Jim Entink
1984 Judy Dalton
1985 Margaret Court
1986 Paul McNamee
1987 Pat Cash
1988 Colin McDonald
1989 Peter McNamara
1990 Dr John Fraser
1991 Alan Trengove
1992 Kevin Howard
1993 Anne Minter
1994 Ian Occleshaw
1995 Nicole Bradtke
1996 Geoff Kerr
1997 Allan Stone
1998 Beverley Rae
1999 Jack May
2000 Kevin Bolton
2001 Tony Ryan
2002 Jim Reid
2003 Peter Bellenger
2004 Max Atkins
2005 Jim Sheppard
2006 Eric Campbell
2007 Wayne Arthurs
2008 Hamish MacMillan
2009 Fran Graham
2010 Brian Grace
2011/12 Ian Barclay
2012/13 Colin Stubs
2013/14 Daniela Di Toro
2014/15 Patricia Gilchrist & Carol Pearce
2015/16 Cedric Mason
2016/17 John Cain
2017/18 The Peers Family
Bill, Elizabeth, John & Sally
2018/19 Norm Cahill
2020/21 Maurice Gleeson