Highly Commended Service Awards

An award to recognise those who have demonstrated their contribution to the sport of tennis through outstanding and exemplary service to any one or more of Tennis Victoria’s affiliated tennis clubs and/or associations and/or member organisations. Service to other tennis related bodies may also be recognised.

1981 Mr Val Drew, Mr Ray Stock, Mr Lew Twamley, Mr Ralph Van Esveld;
1982 Mr Phillip Leek;
1983 Mr Kevin Bolton;
1985 Mr Daryl Cox;
1986 Mr Jack May, Mr Bob Hodgson;
1987 Mr Morris Scott;
1988 Mr Jim Sheppard;
1989 Mr Doug Newgreen;
1993 Mr Phil Edwards, Mr Ray O’Connor, Mr Tony Parrott;
1994 Mr Tom McAllister;
1996 Mr Peter Whitaker, Mr Mark Collins, Mr Ted Kendt;
1998 Mr Graeme Williams;
2000 Ms Fran Graham, Mrs Glad Woods, Mrs Roma Shipp, Mr Max Atkins, Mr David Bierwirth, Mr Brian Connor;
2004 Mr Doug Jeffery;
2005 Mr Graeme Cumbrae-Stewart;
2006 Mr Darrell White;
2008 Mrs Vickie Moore;
2010 Mr Len Pratt, Mr Rod Binns, Mrs Elsie Anderson;
2013 Ms Lyn Robinson;
2014 Mrs Lyn Gillen, Mr Ken Jones, Mr Clive Edmonds, Ms Beth McDonald, Ms Fran Absolom;
2015  Mr Dominico Alberico, Mrs Marcia Handasyde, Bill Collins
2016  Mr Paul Fitzgerald, Mr Rob Brian, Mr Frank Devlin, Mr Chris Thomson, Mr Neil Lamond, Mrs Sally Kirsten, Mr Aaron Sharpe, Mr Trevor Holt, Ms Maureen Bottomley, Mr Chris Thomason
2017 Mrs Larraine McLean, Mr Ken Hastie, Mrs Helen Hastie, Mr Ron Morton, Mrs Dorothy Evans
2018 Mrs Sandra Stone, Mr Terry Stone, Mr Graeme Wilson, Mrs Jill Morrison