Upwey-Tecoma Tennis Club

CovidSafe Plans

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  1. Please Bring your own water bottle, and DO NOT use the on-court water fountains.  These will be covered in accordance with our COVIDSafe Plan.
  2. Doubles can now be played after restrictions were lifted on the 27th at midnight.
  3. No more than 10 members in total on the Club grounds, record your details on arrival using the QR code and your mobile phone. (displayed in window). Please also keep track of your visit.
  4. You still need to have your mask – however as a strenuous sport you may remove this once at your end of the court, please keep your mask handy until the end of the game.

more detail

  • On Monday 26 October, the Victorian State Government announced the easing of restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne that came into effect at 11.59pm on Tuesday 27 October. The below information is in line with the DHHS published Restricted Activities Directions No. 15. The directions of the Victorian Government for Metropolitan Melbourne as relating to tennis are:


  • A facility that is used predominantly for outdoor non-contact sport or physical recreation may open for the purposes of providing that activity.


  • No more than 10 participants in a group and not more than 10 in total at the outdoor facility at any one time except where a reasonable distance can be maintained at all times. A reasonable distance is not defined. Our interpretation of a reasonable distance is a minimum of 1.5m between participants. Please liaise with your venue owners (in most cases Council) for how this will best work with your venue layout using a common sense approach to ensure groups are clearly separated.


  • Community tennis competition can restart. For the purposes of competition, you can have as many people present at the venue as required to run the competition.


  • One supervisory adult is allowed on site per child.


  • Coaches and staff or volunteers running the facility can be present. Please note, however, the Directions specifically state that these additional people must be “…only the minimum number of employees or agents (of the owner of the facility) necessary to safely operate the facility…”


  • Everyone in the facility must practice physical distancing at all times by being 1.5m apart from one another.


  • People must still stay within 25km of their primary place of residence or workplace, playing tennis and competition are not reasons for travelling beyond the 25km. Metropolitan Melbourne players are not permitted to travel into Regional Victoria for the purpose of tennis activity.


  • Changerooms and toilets can open, clubhouses and indoor sitting areas must remain closed.


  • Equipment can now be shared provided it is cleaned between users.


  • Records must be kept of all members of the public using the facility. You may want to use this QR Code resource to assist with participant tracking and encourage facility users to download the COVIDSafe app Community Tennis Guidelines: Metropolitan Melbourne Tennis Victoria Version 2 28 October 2020 3


  • If you operate a canteen, café, restaurant, fast food or cafeteria please refer to the guidelines for hospitality for how you may be able to operate. Refer to item 12 Food and Drink facilities in the Restricted Activities Directions No.15.


  • Participants 12 years and older must wear a face mask, unless an exemption applies. If you are doing strenuous physical exercise you do not need to wear a face mask but you must carry one with you. Strenuous exercise can include playing tennis.