Turner Tennis Club

Overview of Systems

Turner Tennis Club (TTC) uses the following Tennis Australia systems to support your use of the club:

  • MyTennis
  • Book-A-Court.

You must have an account for each system for online access:

  • MyTennis requires a Tennis account
  • Book-A-Court requires a Book-A-Court account.

We use MyTennis to manage member information. Membership applications and renewals are made online after you create a Tennis account to hold your personal details. If you later update those details the club’s records are also updated. A Tennis account can be used to maintain memberships at more than one club.

We use Book-A-Court to manage all court access for members and non-members. Book-A-Court accounts need to be authorised to book at discounted member prices.  New members should register a Book-A-Court account when applying.  For both new and renewing members we will update the member’s Book-A-Court account so that bookings are at discounted member rates.

Note that Book-A-Court is a new system being developed by Tennis Australia. It will later be integrated with MyTennis but for now two separate accounts are needed for online access.

TTC strongly recommends that all members have

  • a Tennis account – to join and renew online, and to keep personal details up-to-date
  • a Book-A-Court account – to enable court access.

When setting up these accounts it’s best to specify the same personal details so that each matches your membership in MyTennis.

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