Turner Tennis Club

How to Renew

TTC uses Tennis Australia’s MyTennis software to manage membership. For an explanation see Overview of Systems.

To renew your Turner Tennis Club membership:

  1. Go to the Tennis Australia page for TTC membership.
  2. Select a category of Renewing membership. You will be prompted to sign in with your Tennis account or to create an account (if you’re note sure if you have one you could ask the TA Help desk – see below). A family membership renewal is made from a single Tennis account but otherwise memberships are individual and each requires a separate Tennis account.
    Once successfully signed in (your name should appear in the top right-hand corner) the remaining steps continue the TTC renewal.
  3. If you are renewing a family membership, provide the details of the family members. Email addresses are mandatory but if you prefer you should be able to provide the same email address for all family members.
  4. After confirming your renewal you will receive an email from ‘Tennis’ [Australia] with subject ‘MEMBERSHIP REQUEST’ informing you that your membership is pending. If you elected to pay by cheque or EFT the email will have an attached invoice specifying how you should complete the payment.

    : if you paid by credit card the card will not be charged until we have processed your renewal. This could take a few days.
  5. When we have completed membership processing and received payment you will receive an email from ‘Tennis’ [Australia] with subject ‘MEMBERSHIP APPROVED’.  If you have a Book-A-Court account we will update it.

If you are having trouble (with step 2 in particular) please check this PDF.

For help with any systems problems the TA Help Desk is available on 1800 PLAY TENNIS (1800 752 983) Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, or by email at [email protected].

For other enquiries on this please contact TTC initially by email at [email protected].

We strongly recommend renewing online but the fallback if you need is to download the renewal form below and follow the instructions there. For payment options including Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) see Payments.

TTC Membership application 2019