Turner Tennis Club

Member recurring bookings

Recurring bookings are bookings which will repeat at intervals, typically weekly. They are available to members only.  In general we discourage recurring bookings because they are difficult to manage.

Recurring bookings have a number of special considerations:

  1. You need to request an RB be defined or altered by emailing [email protected].
  2. Because bookings typically extend over many weeks, at the time the RB is defined it is not known what future payments will be required .  For example, paid lighting is needed for longer in winter, or the number of visitors is not the same each time. So at the time the RB is defined no payment is made, and it is your responsibility to forward payment for your actual usage after the event, preferably after each booking instance.  To calculate the payment needed, see Court Access. For payment options see Payments.
  3. Unlike an online booking, the member cannot (yet) cancel the booking for a particular day:  if under MYBOOKINGS > ADVANCED BOOKINGS you click ‘cancel’ against an individual date instance of your recurring booking it will delete your entire recurring booking (all instances). This software bug presents a problem: we need members with RBs to free up the courts if they know that they won’t be able to attend a booking.  For the moment, if you have a recurring booking and you know you won’t be using it for some instances, notify [email protected]. TTC Admin can cancel an individual RB instance.

What we require of you if you want a Recurring Booking:

  1. We expect all players in the RB to be members, but if non-members sometimes play then you must collect visitor’s fees (see Court Access).
  2. If payment is required (lights usage, visitor’s fees) then it should be made each week by EFT (see Payments) with clear annotation of <Name, RB yyyymmdd>.
  3. Unless agreed by the club, if more than one court is to be booked each needs to be under a different member name. This facilitates part-cancellation and the control of lights.
  4. Unless agreed by the club, the maximum booking length is two hours, possibly less for periods of peak demand (e.g. 8am-10am, 4pm-7pm)
  5. If you will not be using your booking any week, or if you will not be using one of the courts of a multi-court booking, you should inform us by email so that we can free the court(s) for others to book.
  6. You should check the details of your RB by signing in to Book-A-Court and going to MYBOOKINGS > ADVANCED BOOKINGS and notify any changes needed.

Note that with increasing court usage the club is reviewing the operation of recurring bookings. We expect that in addition to the above constraints we will be looking to set a minimum number of courts that should be reserved for online bookings in peak periods in particular.