Turner Tennis Club


Frequently Anticipated Questions

How do I make a booking from TTC’s BAC Web Site?

At the top RH corner you sign in with your BAC account.  The top RH corner changes to MY BOOKINGS followed by your name.  Your name heads a drop-down menu.

There are two ways to select a time slot to book:
1. Fill the drop-downs under ‘When do you want to play?’ and click ‘CHECK AVAILABILITY’; or …
2. Click ‘View Booking Sheet’.

Using (1) is quick.  Using (2) is more flexible. Choose a booking slot (date / court / time). Note the half-hour charge.  Extend the duration as needed. Do ‘Add Player’ for each non-member guest (a fee is payable).  Confirm and Pay by credit card.  You will receive an email and SMS of your booking details.

How do I check what bookings I have?

Sign in to BAC and select MY BOOKINGS.  The left-hand tab lists BASIC BOOKINGS.  These are the bookings you have made yourself.  The right-hand tab lists ADVANCED BOOKINGS.  These are bookings TTC Admin has made on your behalf, for example ‘recurring’ bookings (permanent bookings).

As a member why am I being quoted non-member rates?

Book-A-Court accounts are available to members and non-members.  Member accounts need to be updated by TTC to reflect membership status. If you are a member and your Book-A-Court bookings are not being quoted at member rates please contact us.

Many family memberships only register one member to do BAC bookings. If in a family membership you later decide you would like another family member to make bookings please have them register an account and then contact us to update its membership status.

Can I book two courts online?

Yes, but not in a single booking.  You would need two bookings and two payments.

How far in advance can I book online?

14 days.

Can I cancel a booking I made online?

Yes. Log back in to BAC, select MY BOOKINGS (top RHS), select the booking to cancel.  If done at least 2 hours before the booking start time, your credit card will be refunded in approx 2 business days.

When will the lights turn off?

The lights will remain on until 15 minutes after your booking end time.  This is needed if there is an immediately-following booking.

Can I turn the lights off if I leave early?

If your booking is a recurring booking (made by TTC Admin for you), the answer is no.  The lights will need to remain on.

If you made your booking online the answer is yes. Log in to BAC and cancel your booking.  This will turn off the lights approx 15 minutes later.  Do not do this within 20 minutes of the end of your booking: the lights might be needed on again immediately following your booking. 

Can I play under lights at 6am?

Yes. 6am bookings will typically need lights. The booking charge reflects this. The lights will come on because you have keyed in your PIN and the light sensor detects lights are needed.

What happens if there is a power loss?

A back-up battery covers outages up to 24 hours.  That supports communications and gate operation.

I’ve changed my email address. How do I update my BAC account?

Sign in to BAC, edit your profile and update the email address. Save, logoff and sign in again to verify.  Any problems: contact Tennis Australia Support at [email protected].

Note that your BAC email address does not have to be the same as that in your Tennis account (from which you join/renew online). It only needs to be an operational address.

Who do I contact if there is a system technical problem?

Tennis Australia supports the Book-A-Court system. Call 1800 PLAY TENNIS (1800 752 983).
Monday – Friday: 8am till 6pm
Saturday: 10am till 4pm
Sunday: Closed

How will I recognise the charge or refund on my credit card statement?

It’s identified as Turner Tennis Club in both cases.