Code of Behaviour

What is it?

The Code of Behaviour replaces the ‘Events Disciplinary Policy’ that regulates behaviour breaches related to and during tournaments and weekly competitions in Australia.

Why is it changing?

We are committed to protecting the integrity of tennis and ensuring we provide a healthy and positive environment for players to compete in. Improving the behaviour of players and spectators at tournaments and competitions is a major element of this.

What are the major changes?

There are two major changes to the existing regulations.

During matches

We have tightened the way behaviour violations are dealt with on court by tennis officials by introducing the ‘Three Strikes policy’:

  • 1st offence             Code Violation
  • 2nd offence            Point Penalty
  • 3rd offence             Match Default

As you can see, the term ‘warning’ no longer exists in the formal on-court process for dealing with behaviour breaches.

Automatic penalties
As code violations are enforced, players will receive disciplinary points – and when disciplinary point levels reach three (3) or more, automatic disciplinary actions are activated. Aside from suspension penalties, these automatic actions also include loss of Australian Rankings points.
To understand when and how these automatic actions are enforced, please refer to the attached Code of Behaviour regulations under the Penalties section.

What happens with demerit points from the old system?

As of 26 June 2009 demerit points from the old system will be erased, and all players will be start with a clean slate.

Any queries on the new system should be directed to Tennis Australia or your Member Association. A contact list is available in the Code of Behaviour: Tournaments and Weekly Competitions.

> View the Code of Behaviour: Tournaments and Weekly Competitions