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Did you Know? History of the Grove

26 January 2018 |

Night Tennis

Night Tennis at The Grove as we know it today, actually started in 1981. The Elizabeth Salisbury and Districts Association floated the idea of mid-week competitions, including Night time tennis, and clubs from all over the association nominated teams to play.

Mid week competition started on Wednesday nights only, and gradually grew to include more nights due to its popularity.

Night tennis was quite an innovative idea when it first started, and one of the driving factors for its introduction was that prior to Night Tennis a particularly hot spell of weather had made Saturday Tennis quite unbearable.  The hope was that the cooler evenings would provide more suitable conditions for playing tennis.  The other aim was to spread court usage out across the week, as each club only had limited court resources.

Night Tennis was extremely competitive in the early days.  But one of the side affects of playing mid week, was that newer people were introduced to the game and over time a more social element evolved.