Terrey Hills Tennis Club

Social Tennis

Our club runs social tennis on Saturday afternoon and Tuesday evening.  There is a healthy turnout for mixed social tennis on Saturday afternoon and Tuesday evenings cater predominantly for men’s tennis but more by turnout than by design.

Tennis typically starts on a Saturday afternoon at 1.00pm, continuing until the sun goes down or until the desire for a drink and some socialising overtakes the desire to play tennis. Afternoon tea is provided and always includes some form of refreshments such as cakes, sandwiches or other such nibbles. On some Saturdays, the club provides a free barbecue for its members. The tennis is organised and sets are typically determined by a committee member on duty.

Tuesday evening social tennis starts at 7.00pm and continues until either weariness or “lights out” at 11.00pm brings proceedings to a close.

All social tennis is free to paid-up members and this includes use of the court lights, tennis balls that are provided by the club, tea and refreshments and the occasional barbecue.

Not all tennis clubs offer the convenience of arranged social tennis. It is so easy to be able to simply pitch up to social, be organised into sets, have tennis balls provided and be able to partake in tea and refreshments. This beats the hassle of arranging playing partners, booking courts and remembering to get tennis balls as all of this is simply provided by social tennis.