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Heat Index

The TQ extreme heat policy will be adhered to for all TVSCA competitions.
The Management Committee (MC) shall be the sole interpreter of the competition rules.
The MC has the power to change the rules where necessary.

1. The starting time is 12.00 noon. The first set will be forfeited if a team is not ready to start by 12.15pm. (AGM2007)

2. A minimum of 5 players in a team constitutes a match, rather than forfeiting.
a) The opposing team must be notified by 9 a.m. if only 5 players are competing.
b) Missing players’ sets will be forfeited. (AGM 2013)

3. The home captain should prepare a score sheet and print all players by first and surnames, then hand the sheet to the visiting captain to complete in the same way, in time for play at 12.00 noon.

4. No player can play in a division lower than their original registered division. If a player plays in a higher division more than three times that player is now part of the higher division team and cannot play in a lower division in that season. To ensure all division have access to fill-in players, teams in the lowest division can borrow players registerd in the division immediately above. (AGM2017)

5. Score sheets need to be submitted by EACH captain for all wet matches and forfeits, with all players’ names filled in. Zero scores will be entered if score sheets are not received within 12 days of a match. A return is still necessary even if the match is not played. (AGM2012)

6. Points
• 2 points will be awarded for a win, 0 points for a loss, 1 point each for a draw: A win is earned by the team with the most sets won. In the event of equal sets, the team with the most games will win, In the event of equal sets and games, then the match is drawn.
• 1 point will be awarded for every set won
• 0 .01 for every game won
• 6.36 for a wet match
• Forfeit: The team forfeiting will be awarded 0 points; the team receiving the forfeit will be awarded 12.72.(AGM 2019)
• Bye: 6.36 points will be awarded for a bye. (In incomplete rounds, the total of a team’s scores will be divided by the number of matches played in that round.)
• Tie breaker to be played at 5 games all. (Standard 7 point tie breaker, change after every 6 points) (AGM2013)

7. On the first set, the visitors will have first serve. From then on serves will alternate.

8. If a venue is unplayable due to rain, the home team must notify the visiting team by 9 am. In the event of a wet match, the two captains may agree to reschedule that match as long as it is completed before the next round is played. If it rains during the match, then 7 completed sets must be played to constitute a match. Games in incomplete sets will count. (AGM2014)

9 a) Team registration fees must be paid at time of application for entry.
b) It will be the responsibility of team captains or clubs to ensure that all members of a team are financial, or these players will forfeit their right to be a member of the team. (AGM2017)

10. If a player is injured during a match or has to leave the match for any emergency reason, a substitute player may be called in to carry on the remaining sets for that player, providing that substitute player is not above the grade being played. Only the set being played when the injury or emergency occurred will be forfeited by that player. If there is a dispute regarding this rule it will be handled by the committee.

11. Women may play as men in this competition.

12. The minimum age for entry into the veteran’s events is thirty. (AGM 2020)

13. Teams must not enter, or play as fill-ins, players who are above the standard for that division. If they do so, the committee has the power to forfeit that player’s sets and points. (AGM 1998)

14. The final will be played between teams 1 and 2 on points at the end of fixtures. Players may only play for the team in which they were originally registered. Any player listed on the team entry form is automatically eligible to play finals. A player not listed on the team entry form, must play 2 matches to be eligible for finals. If any other players are required for finals, they must be ratified by the committee. The committee can approve a replacement in the event of injury or emergency. In the event of a washout or no play the team on highest points will be the winner. (AGM 2015)

15. Individual scoring
• A player must have played 5 matches by the end of the season to be eligible for an award.
• No individual points will be awarded to any player for a wet match.
• Every eligible player in a team forfeiting will receive 0 points.
• Nominated players on the score sheet receiving a forfeit will be awarded average points at the end
of the season.
• If a player substitutes in another division, they will receive individual points separately for both
divisions. (AGM 2014)
The following conditions apply as a result of the inclusion of Murgon, Hervey Bay & Fraser Coast into the competition.
Murgon, Hervey Bay & Fraser Coast will play both home and away matches at Gympie. When visitors are the home team to Murgon, Hervey Bay & Fraser Coast at Gympie they will only pay their normal court costs and ball fee – which will go to their home club.

Murgon, Hervey Bay & Fraser Coast will pay court costs, provide milk, sugar, tea and coffee for ALL matches, both home and away. As the home team, Murgon, Hervey Bay & Fraser Coast will provide balls and afternoon tea. When the visitors are the home team they will provide balls and afternoon tea.