Tennis Geelong Inc

Emergency Pool

This is an example of our pre-graded emergencies. They already have permission from Tennis Geelong to play in the Section quoted and above.

Teams will be provided with phone listings of players appropriate to their section.

Please only contact players from this list that are listed as AVAILABLE for the week required.

When a player is called and agrees to play. The emergency needs to email [email protected] with the team they are playing for and the date so the list can be updated.

FOR THE TRIAL you can use anyone you know or from the list provided as an emergency.

Code Meaning
Available Available to play
Scheduled Already Booked
Played Played on this day
Not Available Do not call



Name Grade 25th Oct 1st Nov 8th Nov 15th Nov 22nd Nov 29th Nov
Bert P A A A A A
Ernie N N S S S S
Wilma A A A A A A
Betty N A S A A A
Fred P A A A A A
Barney p     N N