Tennis Geelong Inc

Covid-19 Information

30th Jan 2021

With relaxation of State Government mandates for all of Victoria, Tennis Geelong have also relaxed the some of the requirements on clubs and players. Everyone is expected to behave within State Government guidelines with regard to distancing and masks, this will not be stipulated differently for tennis. The tennis related update is as follows:

  1. Player Declarations are not required from 30th January onward , but players and spectators should be reminded that they are to behave within Government guidelines.                                            (If we are forced into to a more restricted method of play this may be looked at again, but everyone will be advised accordingly)                                                                                                                       We still require anyone who has any symptoms to stay home and get tested, and not play until they have received a negative test. If you are unable to play for this reason and can’t find a replacement, advise your opposition and Competition Secretary, and there will be no penalty (ie. sets will be split)                                                                                                                                                 .
  2. Register of Attendance. Everyone must still register their attendance at each venue they visit. Each club will have its own method of doing this, and if you are unsure of what this is, ask your opposition                .
  3. Use of Clubrooms is still at the discretion of each club. Toilets, of course, must still be available for use                                                             .
  4. Lunch/Afternoon Tea is still not provided. This will be looked at again at the beginning of the Saturday Winter Season                                          .
  5. Premiership Photo’s  We are investigating ways that we can still have these taken, and will advise closer to the time                                             .
  6.  Distancing measures are still to be followed. This includes while in the confines of the court. Players should still change ends on different sides, use a racquet tap at the end of the set rather than a handshake and use sanitiser before and after entering the court area.