Player Development

“Tennis – the Game for Life”

Why Play Tennis & Get Serious about it?

Tennis is great fun, very physical and incredibly challenging. You get to travel, experience many cultures and meet lots of interesting people – many who will become friends for life. If you work hard and take on board the right advice to become an elite player, there are many rewards that may come your way. Tennis Tasmania encourages and supports these players as they pursue this great journey.

The sport of tennis and development of a player is an avenue for life. Rankings, trophies, prize money, sponsorship and winning are just bonuses that go with the journey. Our goal is to take a holistic approach towards an athlete’s overall development in all areas  – technically, tactically, physically, psychologically and environmentally. It’s important that all four major stakeholders work as a unified team – player, parent, private coach and national coach.

National Academies

National Academies operate throughout mainland Australia. Tennis Tasmania’s National Academy is in Hobart at the Domain Tennis Centre. When an athlete meets certain national criteria, they will be eligible for scholarship benefits. Find out more about National Academies.

State Player Development Program

The Tennis Tasmania Player Development programs are part of the national structure and, as players develop in Tasmania, they will regularly travel interstate to gain appropriate competition and experience. For overall development and maximising potential, it will be important for each athlete to compete regularly on the mainland and implement appropriate training hours on a weekly basis. Find out more about an athlete’s development journey.

Tennis Tasmania’s Competitions Pathway

⇒ Pro Circuit Events

⇑ Australia Money Tournaments

⇑ State Open Tournaments

⇑ Optus Junior Tour State Tournaments

⇑ Junior Development Series

⇑ Pennants / School Competitions

⇑ ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Super 10s

⇑ ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Challenges


Read more about the Competitions Pathway

State Team Events

  • Pizzey Cup
  • 14’s & 12’s State Teams Event
  • Bruce Cup

The Tennis Tasmania Player Development Objective is “to support and develop nationally successful tennis players” in line with National Academy philosophies. This will be measured by playing standard and Australian ranking tournaments and national results. It is the aim that, via this objective, players will go on to be internationally successful professionals.

Whilst an athlete is residing in Tasmania and to become the best possible tennis player they can be, it is all about utilising all available resources and opportunities the sport has to provide. No matter who is up the other end, there is always something you can work on. Pure talent and ability without commitment is not going to make a successful national or international player.

What does commitment involve?

Determination, conviction, dedication, persistence, self-direction and motivation, drive, desire, intensity, focus, organisation, professionalism, sacrifice, goal orientated, pursue dream, enjoyment and passion. It’s what you are doing when no one else is watching or organising, that will make the difference! For example:

  • Modes of self-initiated training, practice, competition
  • Private or group coaching lesson
  • Ring up a hitting partner
  • Use a rebound net or wall
  • Use a ball machine
  • Play in a pennant team
  • Organise to be in another squad or set one up yourselves
  • Organise match practice
  • Play in a tournament
  • Take control of a physical program and get in better shape

So lets get out there and LOVE THIS GAME!

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