Pizzey Cup & Tennis Australia Cup

Tennis Tasmania runs and coordinates the state trials and national secondary school teams events that provide Tasmanian secondary school students the opportunity to represent Tasmania at the Schools Sport Australia Championships: the Pizzey Cup.

A prestigious national schools tennis championships, the Pizzey Cup is open to girls and boys aged 18/U. In Tasmania, this means students may be in years 7-12. The Pizzey Cup is conducted by Schools Sport Australia in partnership with Tennis Australia. This annual event attracts Australian Ranking points. In addition, an 18/u singles event known as the Australia Cup is run in conjunction with the Pizzey Cup.

A team of 8 girls and 8 boys is selected by Tennis Tasmania to represent the state in the Pizzey Cup. At the conclusion of the tournament, an All-Australian team is selected, based on Pizzey Cup and Australia Cup results.

2017 Pizzey Cup Team


  • Eliane Fader (South)
  • Olivia Maskell (South)
  • Charlotte Ingram(South)
  • Claudia Barnes (South)
  • Georgina Fish (South)
  • Arnaka Bourn (North West)
  • Chelsea Leggett (North)
  • Tully Bourn (North West)·


  • Ben Barnett (North)
  • Remy Lynch (South)
  • Ben Cawston (South) 
  • Henry Ostler (South)
  • Oscar Targett (North)
  • Jakob Haas (South)
  • Patrick Egerrup-Root (South)
  • Ronan Naidoo (North)

Team Managers: James Bolzonello & Kerrie Elmer

2016 Pizzey Cup Team


  • Olivia Maskell (South) Captain
  • Wynonah Conway (South)
  • Eliane Fader (South)
  • Hannah Edgell (South)
  • Sophie Johnstone (North West)
  • Hannah Coombe (South)
  • Kristina Peduru-Arachchige (North)


  • Daniel Groom (South) Captain
  • Ben Barnett (North)
  • Sean Oosthuizen (South)
  • Remy Lynch (South)
  • Matthew Harris (South)
  • Ruben McCormack (North)
  • Tom Cornish (South)
  • Sebastian Altendeitering (North)

Team Managers: James Bolzonello & Karen Harris

2015 Pizzey Cup & Tennis Australia Cup

The Pizzey Cup and Tennis Australia Cup were held in Hobart on 2-10 May. 6 states and one territory competed at the Domain Tennis Centre.

2015 Pizzey Cup Team


  • Catherine Krueger (Hobart)
  • Sanyukta Singh (Hobart)
  • Eliane Fader (Hobart)
  • Jessica Fowler (St Helens)
  • Olivia Maskell (Hobart)
  • Hannah Edgell (Hobart)
  • Erin Fazackerley (Hobart)
  • Gabrielle Carswell (Launceston)


  • Daniel Groom (Hobart)
  • Matthew Harris (Hobart)
  • Tom Youl (Hobart)
  • Remy Lynch (Hobart)
  • Ben Barnett (Launceston)
  • Ben Cawston (Ulverstone)
  • Mitchell Free (Hobart)
  • Sam Plunkett-Smith (Hobart)

Team Manager: Julie Edgell

Coach: Simon Youl