Hobart International Schools Challenge

The Hobart International Schools Challenge is a great competition for Tasmanian primary school students in grades 3-6. The winner of each regional final plus the highest ranked second-placed team in the competition will be invited to participate at the state final held at the Hobart International 2016. Teams and parents will then receive free night session tickets and rub shoulders with some of the top ranked tennis players in the world!


How does the Challenge work?

There are 3 stages of trials;

STAGE 1: In-School Trials

All competing schools complete their in-school trials over a 6 week period. Representative players move forward to Stage 2 of the Challenge.

STAGE 2: Inter-School Sports

Primary schools from each region (North, North West & South) across the state compete against neighbouring schools with the winning team plus the highest ranked 2nd placed team going forward to Stage 3 at the Hobart International.

STAGE 3: Finals at the Hobart International

In Stage 3, the three winning regional teams and highest ranked 2nd-placed team will represent their school to determine the winner of the Hobart International 2016 Challenge. This will take place on Schools Appreciation Day (we’ll let you know the date). All players in STAGE 3 will have a chance to play on-court with the tennis superstars of the Hobart International!

Modified tennis courts and red-dot balls will be used at all stages of the competition. 

For more information please contact Tennis Tasmania (03) 6108 8200.