Club Volunteers

We all know that without the commitment and enthusiasm of volunteers, many of our clubs would struggle to function. So it’s vital that we all band together to come up with ways to attract, retain, and reward volunteers. Easier said than done! But here are some useful tips:

  • Word-of-mouth referral… is often the way a volunteer comes aboard. If someone at your club secures the assistance of a new volunteer in this way, reward them! Giving some incentives to encourage another person to help out can create a significant ripple effect
  • Get people involved… not everyone can commit to a committee or a longstanding role, but give them the opportunity to get involved in just one activity or task that they feel both skilled and comfortable in. Every little bit helps!
  • Welcome & acknowledge the efforts of club volunteers with some meaningful initiatives or occasions – such as a social get-together or a club polo shirt or membership discount – whatever your Club thinks best
  • Protect volunteer rights & interests by offering advice and support on things such as insurance, confidentiality of personal information; and the right to say ‘no’ if their situation warrants.

For more information and resources, visit Volunteering Tasmania or call them on 1800 677 895. As the state’s peak body on volunteering, they are well equipped to offer workshops, ideas, and advice on recruitment.

Contact Simonne at Tennis Tasmania (03) 6108 8204 with your volunteer success stories.