Open Days


Creating opportunities for your members to get together – or for potential members to see what your club has to offer – is an important and enjoyable thing to do. Open Days often conjure up thoughts of lots of organisation and lots of time hanging around the club on the off-chance that someone new might turn up and join the club. It doesn’t have to be this way! With a bit of shared planning and creativity, Open Days can be a fantastic chance to socialise, raise funds and build your club’s community presence.

Tennis Tasmania is happy to assist you with promoting your Club Open Day (COD) and can provide  some marketing materials. If practical, we can also lend you some equipment and banners. On the day itself, why not incorporate a few additional ideas to enhance the atmosphere and even generate some income? Perhaps some of your Club sponsors would donate a prize or two for the ‘Shot of the Day’ or for the Club member who brings along the most visitors? It’s a good chance also to offer a special Sign Up Today membership deal!

Here’s a Club Open Day Manual as a guide to help you host a great Open Day.

Contact Tennis Tasmania (03) 6108 8200 for help with promoting your Open Day and delivering a great experience for all.