Creating a Club Brand

What’s your Club Brand?

  • What image do you present to the potential tennis market?
  • How does your existing tennis market view your club?
  • Does your club stand out from the rest?

These are just a few important questions that will help your club establish a reputation. The answers to these and other questions will determine, to a large extent, whether your reputation will be a positive one. Your club’s values and “personality” are the things that will attract people to your club or deter them. The personality will show through all that the club does and doesn’t do, and form the impression… ambience… ‘feel’… of the club.

Your brand is more than a logo or a slogan.

  • Does your club focus on its key selling points or points of difference?
  • What are your key selling points?
  • Who are you attracting to your club and who is the club missing?

Taking some time to look at your membership profile will help you either work to embed and strengthen your existing brand… or tweak it to extend the reach and appeal.

A few areas to consider include:

  • Physical impression created by your facility
  • Key messages you deliver in any promotions and why they are the focus
  • How you choose to communicate and advertise your club
  • What sort of people you target to join your club and why
  • What sort of people you aren’t targeting or attracting and why
  • What actions do you take once people access your club
  • How people are able to contact and access your club – how easy do you make it?

Building and reinforcing your brand is central to your club marketing plans. It’s an ongoing challenge, but can be a fun way of ensuring your club stands out from the rest. Doing so will help attract and retain members and players at your club, rather than participation happening in just a random way. But either way, your club will be better equipped to ensure that defined or spontaneous participation at your venue continues.

If you would like to discuss ideas or get more advice, please contact Simonne at Tennis Tasmania (03) 6108 8204.