Club Health Checks

The opportunity to check your Club’s ‘pulse rate’ and evaluate how your club is tracking is an important job to complete – it

  • gives you valuable information to assist planning for the future
  • sets your club in an advantaged position when it comes to submitting grant and rebate applications.

It’s becoming a mandatory requirement for clubs to submit ‘health checks’ and is a key focus when applications for grants and rebates are assessed.

We encourage your club to undertake the Health Check and give yourselves the chance to identify key areas that you wish to consolidate, continue, change, and consider. Completion of the Health Check is not onerous, and once done for the first time can become the benchmark from which you complete subsequent checks.

Club Health Checks are part of a national census conducted annually via a partnership between Tennis Australia and the University of SA. The information gleaned from these nationwide checks enables programs and initiatives to be designed that respond to the results. For example, usage trends and low court occupancy may result in an increased focus on participation strategies, and issues within venues may lead to positive decisions in facility management and resourcing allocations.

From this process, your club is then able to effectively map out and implement some strategies to move forward with informed confidence.

Remember, every club that completes the Health Check is advantaged by doing so in terms of the knowledge gained, plans clarified, and grant submissions strengthened. Your club will also receive a Certificate of Completion for contributing to the national benchmarking survey for Australian tennis facilities.

For further advice, please contact Simonne at Tennis Tasmania or call (03) 6108 8204