Health & Safety

It is important that your club provides a safe environment for  players, spectators and visitors. This requires attention be paid to both the physical facilities and the procedures in place to ensure risks are identified, assessed, and managed.

Creating plans that outline the fundamental requirements and put in place the actions and equipment that will enable those standards to be achieved, is a critical first step. To assist in this process, reference to the codes of practice defined for matters such as First Aid, is a good idea. Visit

There are many areas that clubs need to checklist – including:

First Aid

  • Provision of a well-stocked and accessible first aid kit
  • Opportunity for volunteers at the club to obtain first aid training
  • Clear signage detailing first aid procedures
  • Appropriate space to administer first aid.

Emergency Plans

  • Clear procedures that explain the response actions to emergencies such as fire, medical, or physical events
  • Signage and intermittent testing eg of fire alarms, extinguishers etc
  • Well positioned advice on evacuation processes and exit points.

Safe and Hygienic Facilities

  • Provision of supplies and equipment to ensure fresh drinking water, hand washing and toilet facilities, shade and protection, cleaning to ensure surfaces and spaces are hygienic and safe
  • Signage eg ‘Caution – wet & slippery floor’
  • Management of space to ensure effective placement of furniture, traffic flow of people, safe kitchen/bathroom areas, ventilation and temperature controls

These are recommendations that will help to create and maintain a safe, accessible and workable club facility. Making sure these are in place is good old common sense, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves to bring things uptodate or test a device…to be confident that it will work if and when we need it!

Any questions or additional ideas? Please contact Simonne at Tennis Tasmania (03) 6108 8204