What is incorporation?

Incorporation is the process of making your club or organisation a legal association. Even though there is no legal necessity for a voluntary organisation such as a tennis club to become incorporated, it is recommended.

Why is it a good idea?

There are a number of reasons why a voluntary organisation should become incorporated. For tennis clubs, incorporation enables your Club to:

  • Apply for government grants
  • Be eligible for the National Court Rebate Scheme
  • Protect individual members of an organisation from legal liability
  • Enter into enforceable contracts
  • Enter into lease agreements

How does the incorporation process work?

The details provided below are from an extract obtained from the Department of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading

Steps to incorporation

  • Call a meeting of the members to decide who will fill the roles of the Committee (Secretary, Public Officer, President, Treasurer)
  • Vote upon and approve the association’s name
  • Approve the constitution/rules – associations are governed by a set of rules.  They can create their own or adopt the Model Rules
  • Complete and lodge the Application for Incorporation
  • Lodge the form together with the constitution/rules and the fee
  • Forms can be lodged in one of 3 ways: