Tanunda Tennis Club


Membership fees for 2020/21 Season:

Junior Player: $100.00

Senior Player (playing 1 competition): $120.00

Senior Player (playing 2 competitions): $160.00

Senior Player (playing 3 competitions): $200.00

Ladies Thursday Mornings: $90.00

Ladies & Senior Player (playing 1 competition): $140.00

Family: $400.00 (Senior x 2, Junior x 3)

Fill in player (plays 3 or less weeks): $5.00/week

  • All Night Players will pay an additional $3.00/week light money.
  • All Players must be financial members to be covered by Insurance.

Online registrations open 8th August, 2020

Player Registration Instructions


Registration Instructions

Registrations close 2020/21 season Friday 11th September, 2020

Any enquires please send an email to: [email protected]