Tally Ho Tennis Club

Visitor Policy

07 November 2018 |

If you have a friend of relative that wants to play regularly with you at Tally Ho – they should join our club.

  • Visitors fees must be paid before any play commences
  • Members should only invite one (1) visitor at a time
  • A visitor should play no more than 6 times a year at our club
  • Visitors must be accompanied by a member at all times and should wear proper tennis attire
  • Members must not lend club access cards to any non-member/s.
  • If you are bring visitors to the club to use our great facilities,  please do the right thing.
  • Visitor fees are only $5 for adults and $2 for Students and Children.
  • Fee envelopes are near the bar and the completed envelopes should be put into the slot near the bar.