Tally Ho Tennis Club


History of the Tally Ho Tennis Club

In 1975 Beverley McKern a local resident with young children recognised the need for a local tennis club and made the initial inquiries and commenced gaining local interest and support in forming a tennis club within the existing Tally Ho Reserve. A Tally Ho Tennis Club committee was formed with the 1st meeting held on 6th October 1976. The Waverley City Council ultimately agreed to the request and the decision was made to locate the tennis courts in the south west corner of the Tally Ho Reserve.

Construction of the courts

Construction of the courts began during 1978.

Courts under construction

The 6 plexipave courts were completed and officially opened in November 1978.

Official Opening of Tally Ho Tennis Club – November 1978.

Officials at opening of the courts

Standing: Peter McNamara, Alan Stone (Invited Pro Players), John Taylor (Mayor, Waverley City Council), Peter Meggs (President THTC Committee, David Appleton (Waverley Council and THTC Committee), Jon Halford (Engineer, Waverley City Council) Laurie Ryan (Waverley City Councilor), Front – Howard Fries (Waverley City Councilor)

Junior Tournament April 1979.

Junior players at tennis courts

Child Parent Tournament 23 September 1979 with the old clubhouse.

Parents and Juniors at Tennis Courts

In 1980 a new clubhouse was constructed to replace the small temporary shed.

Construction of Clubhouse

Construction of Tennis Clubhouse from middle distance

By now approx. 400 members had joined and teams were competing in Waverley District Tennis Association. (Saturday morning juniors, mid week ladies and Saturday afternoon seniors) also, members playing socially were very active. 1981 “Tall Pole” lighting was installed on 4 of the 6 courts and this introduces intra club teams competing of Tuesday nights (men) and Thursday nights (mixed). The lights also extended the social use of the courts.

During 1986 all courts were resurfaced and the original 2 blues colouring was changed to green courts with red surrounds.

In 1986 Tally Ho Tennis Club for technical reasons was converted to Tally Ho Tennis Club Incorporated.

In 1992 the club was successful in obtaining a liquor licence and to incorporate the wet bar facilities the club house was extended.

1996 all six courts were again resurfaced with the green and red colours retained.

During 1997 Members keys were replaced by ‘smart’ cards to improve security.

In 1999 The ‘tall pole’ lighting on 4 courts was replaced by much improved low lighting.

In August 2005 new fences were installed.

In January 2009, all 6 existing courts were resurfaced with Rebound Ace. Courts 3 – 6 were resurfaced in High Shock Absorbtion (HSA) Club which is a cushioned acrylic surface. Courts 1 & 2 were resurfaced with Rebound Ace Synpave (non – cushioned).

In March 2009, work commenced on our new 7th court. This was completed in December of the same year.

The New Show Court

In June 2015,  court lighting was installed on the new ‘Show Court’ and courts 1 and 2.

Also, courts 1 and 2 were upgraded to Cushioned Rebound Ace and painted the two blues  colours  similar to the courts at the Australian Tennis Centre.

January 2017,  the ‘Show Court’ and Courts  3, 4, 5 and 6 were repainted the two blues colours.

April 2017,  as a trial, LED lighting was installed on our  ‘Show Court’.

November 2017,  all original Club House notice boards were replaced with the following –

Life Member board,  Executive History board,  Senior Club Champions board and a

Junior Club Champions board.

November 2018,  original kitchen renovated.