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Strathalbyn wins second consecutive premiership

09 April 2018 |

Article by Onkaparinga Tennis

Strathalbyn won a second consecutive premiership following victory over Macclesfield in last Saturday’s 2017-18 Onkaparinga Tennis Association grand final.

Having completed the home and away campaign a clear ladder leader, Strathalbyn confirmed its rating by retaining the title with a 10 sets 93 games to six sets 57 games win in the decider hosted at the John Wesley club.

The defending premier made a good start to the grand final by claiming three of the initial four doubles sets: Macclesfield’s solitary yictory came when siblings Aimee Shepherd/Stacey Baraglia combined to outjast Strathalbyn’s top womens pair Shiree Luders/Janice Rohloff in a tie-breaker.

Strathalbyn increased its advantage during the singles contests, winning five of the eight sets on offer. Kent Baraglia managed a 6-3 win for Macclesfield at number one, but the remainder of the mens singles went to Strathalbyn in rather convincing fashion; including 6-0 wins to Nick Logan and Jarryd Pfeiffer:

The womens singles were more evenly balanced at two sets apiece, leaving Strathalbyn on the cusp of retaining the title, leading eight sets to four entering the closing mixed doubles bracket.

Victory was assured as the contests were divided at two wins each, enabling Strathalbyn to cap a season of dominance with back-to-back premierships.

Strathalbyn 10-93 d Macclesfield 6-57.

Doubles: M. Stone/N. Logan v K. Baraglia/J. Howarth 9-3; J. Pfeiffer/J. Wilhelm v P. Baraglia/J. Milne 9-1 ; S. luders/J. Rohloff v A. Shepherd/S. Baraglia 8-9; D. Shoesmith/C. Fischer v K. Baraglia/E. James 9-3.

Singles: M. Stone v K. Baraglia 3-6; J. Pfeiffer v J. Howarth 6-0; N. Logan v P. Baraglia 6-0; J. Wilhelm v J. Milne 6-2; S. Luders v A. Shepherd 7-5; J. Rohloff v S. Baraglia 4-6; D. Shoesmith v G. Tregaskis 3-6; C. Fischer v E. Jones 6-1.

Mixed Doubles: M. Stone/J. Rohloff v K. Baraglia/A. Shepherd 1-6; N. Logan/S. Luders v J. Howarth/S. Baraglia 6-0; J. Wilhelm/C. Fischer v P. Baraglia/G. Tregaskis 6-3; M. Hann/S. Hauesler v K. Baraglia/J. Milne 4-6.