St Monica's Tennis Club

Optimism through adversity

25 December 2020 |

A brief note to wish all of our members, coaches and the  St Monica’s community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As we look ahead to a new year, let’s collectively move forward together.   In early March, Covid19 was not on anyone’s mind.  And yet, guided by our purpose as an inclusive member club, we have all been presented with and witnessed one of the most significant changes in all of our lifetime.   Purpose brings people together to get the job done and fortunately, we are returning to a new normal existence which is allowing us to see friends, family and play tennis at this time.

In 2021, competition will resume.  Senior teams will be well supported, our junior committee will be looking to further develop our competition with Steve Riley.  New opportunities for our aspiring juniors will present quickly and we hope to have the same or better numbers in our junior teams by the middle of 2021.  

Steve Riley and his team continues to drive strong  development of our juniors through his coaching.   We are pleased that Steve is as committed as ever and will assist the members to drive a great sense of community encouraging participation at all levels at our club. 

A big thank-you to the committee of 2020 who worked really well together to learn, receive input and take action to provide a safe environment for members and students to play tennis when it was possible.   I have to take a moment to extend a special thank-you to Mark Lewis who continued to co-ordinate communication throughout the year and ensure that we had followed the guidance of Tennis Victoria to make our facility safe for coaching, members and guests.

Recent information / events at the club;

·        Membership is important to our club.   If you have any feedback or suggestions over the break you would like to share please contact any of the committee directly or email [email protected] and will review and provide feedback.

·        Our court reserve booking system which became our contact tracing system has had more than 600 Social Tennis matches scheduled since May 2020.  We continue to see strong user adoption of the app.   If you are not connected and would like some support feel free to reach out to Michael Sexton or myself as we would be happy to assist.

·        Essendon Tennis Club Men’s Group was invited to use the courts and clubrooms for their Christmas break up on Monday 21/12.   Peter Stevens provided very positive feedback on behalf of the group who were impressed with the playing surface and facilities.

·        The St Monica’s Tennis Club Seniors Christmas party was well attended on Sunday by many of our long term members.  Peter Steven’s advises a return to was enjoyable and timely after  

·        A big thank-you to Kevin Coghlan for keeping the lawns at the club in top condition.

·        Peter Stevens and Mark Lewis have continued to keep a close eye on all important maintenance of the club.  Thanks Peter and Mark.

·        Our competition delegates Michelle Coffey, Loretta Joyce, Liz Burgin and Matt Norris have kept all of our teams informed on competition dates for next year.  If you have any questions team managers please contact the delegates early in the new year.

Optimism is the only free stimulus we have to work with as we leave 2020 behind us.   Let us not forget how people power prevailed, even during the toughest of battles.  Let’s play on!

A reminder that as a member you should find the answer to just about any question on the website.

Steve Riley is available should you have any coaching requirements for 2021.

The committee are extremely approachable.  Should you have any questions please reach out.

Wishing all our members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

from Patrick Saundry on behalf of the Committee.