South Perth Tennis Centre

New Disability Access Ramp

27 May 2017 |

Work has commenced on the installation of a new disability access ramp. The concrete for the ramp, along with a few other small sections of pathway will be poured on Monday 29th May. Please take care around the club while this work is in progress.


Over the past couple of months, our Committee has been working with the City of South Perth to design and provide a new disability access ramp from the main carpark driveway to the northern verandah area of the clubhouse. This concrete ramp will conform to the latest standards in terms of width and slope and provide improved access to our new courts. Andrijano and his Break Point Tennis team have also been working towards providing Wheelchair Tennis coaching and play at our club – a fantastic initiative that will rely on having this improved court access.

Recently we were informed that the City of South Perth has generously agreed to install the ramp within the next few weeks. How good is that? The new ramp will roughly follow the cement slab pathway that goes behind the Colourbond shed, but will require the shed to be permanently relocated to the mulched area near the new court 21. The City will also install a new concrete base for the shed to sit on.