Sorrento Tennis Club

Social Tennis

Social Tennis is a great way to keep fit, have some fun and meet people.

The sessions are run on the following days for the benefit of members and casual visitors.

Monday     from 9:30am       Ladies doubles

Saturday    from 1:00pm       Mixed doubles

Social tennis is a more casual side to the game and does not require the same level of commitment  as competition tennis. It is still competitive and players must comply with the following rules:-

  1. Fees must be paid before starting to play and put in the jar.  Visitors must pay $7.50 per session and members pay 50c.  Player’s details must be entered in the social tennis book.
  2. The order of play will be determined by who arrives at the club first rather than the number of matches played. Players waiting for a game take priority over players arriving during a session.
  3. In order to speed up play, members waiting to play their first game of the session should warm up as best they can so that they are ready to play when required.
  4. Players must be prepared to play with all other participants regardless of age, gender or skill level.

For more information drop in at the clubhouse at any of the above times.