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COVID-19 Information


The Shepparton Junior Tennis Association refer you to the link below, provided by Tennis Victoria. There Clubs, parents and players can find general guidelines and resources for Regional/Rural Victoria in accordance with State Government and DHHS plans and restrictions as it relates to tennis.

Clubs and Venues can also access Links & Resources include information and downloads/templates for:

  • Community Tennis Guidelines & Checklists
  • Tracking Resources
  • Positive Testing Procedures
  • Risk Register
  • Cleaning Procedures
  • Court Usage Plan
  • Meeting Agenda Templates
  • ‘Book a Court’ Scheduling
  • Informative Posters

The majority of our Clubs will have their club/venue Covid-19 procedures and rules available on their Facebook pages, so please search and check those out prior to attending the venue.

Here are a few important points for players and parents to remember:

  • Everyone must adhere to social distancing requirements
  • Facemasks to be worn for those over 12 years of age
  • Recording/registering every person that attended the venue
  • All players should bring their own equipment, water, sanitiser, chairs etc.
  • There are limited player/parent/spectator numbers (groups per court can be up to 10 people. Clubs should keep this in mind when making their team selections/parent rosters! I.e. if there are 6 players in the team there should only be 4 supervising adults in the court area)

We must all strive to help clubs keep our players and their families safe and on the court playing the sport that we love!

LINK – Tennis Victoria – Club Toolkit