For information and assistance, please contact your local School Development Coordinator or the Tennis Australia Schools team.

Australian Capital Territory Geoff Bartlett 0466395243 [email protected]
New South Wales John Ferguson

Mark Barreca

Nicole Shanahan



0431 521 319

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Northern Territory Ben Canton [email protected]
Queensland Jennifer Hakl

(Peninsula, North West, Darling Downs, South West, Sunshine Coast and Metropolitan West)

Leanne Mascall

(Northern Capricornia, Metropolitan North, Metropolitan East, South Coast)

0466 451 774





0466 486 834

[email protected]





[email protected]

South Australia Amelia Waters 0481 917 973 [email protected]
Tasmania Fairlie Lamond 0429 324 754 [email protected]
Victoria Michelle Barry (East region)

Tim Dean (West region)

0466 399 017

0466 424 354

[email protected]

[email protected]

Western Australia Jason Marrable 0466 356 207 [email protected]


Tennis Australia Schools Team

[email protected]