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Tournament levels and key 

ANZTHS ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments (Non-ranking points tournament)
JDS Junior Development Series (Non-ranking points tournament)
AR Australian Ranking Tournament
JT Junior Tournaments
AMT Australian Money Tournament

Tournament calendar 

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Australian Ranking Tournaments
20-23 February 2018 Reade Park Platinum (Men)/Silver (Women) AMT AMT Platinum/
9-12 March 2018 Henley South Gold JT JT Gold
18/25 March 2018 Reade Park Bronze JT (FAST4) JT Bronze
14-17 April 2018 Strathalbyn Bronze AMT/JT AMT/JT Bronze
18-22 April 2018 Seaside Gold JT JT Gold
23-24 April 2018 Tea Tree Gully Bronze JT (FAST4) JT Bronze
25-29 April 2018 Peake Gardens Gold JT JT Gold
13/20 May 2018 TennisGear-City of Playford Silver JT (singles only) JT Silver
8-11 June 2018 Millswood Gold AMT/Bronze JT AMT/JT Gold/
8-10 July 2018 Seaside Bronze JT JT Bronze
11-15 July 2018 Peake Gardens Bronze AMT/Silver JT AMT/JT Bronze/
16-20 July 2018 TennisGear-City of Playford Gold JT JT Gold
12/19 August 2018 Millswood Silver JT (singles only) JT Silver
7-10 September 2018 TennisGear-City of Playford Platinum AMT AMT Platinum
15, 16, 22 and 23 September 2018 Millswood Bronze JT JT Bronze
30 September-3 October 2018 Peake Gardens Silver AMT/Bronze JT AMT/JT Silver/
4-7 October 2018 Tea Tree Gully Gold JT JT Gold
8-12 October 2018 Seaside Gold JT JT Gold
19-23 November 2018 TennisGear-City of Playford Gold AMT AMT Gold
16-19 December 2018 Happy Valley Gold AMT/Bronze JT AMT/JT Gold/
20-23 December 2018 Littlehampton Silver JT JT Silver
27-31 December 2018 Tea Tree Gully Silver AMT/Silver JT AMT/JT Silver
Junior Development Series Tournaments
4 March 2018 Seacliff March JDS JDS
7 April 2018 Just 4 Tennis April JDS JDS
29 April 2018 Just 4 Tennis April JDS JDS
27 May 2018 Just 4 Tennis May JDS JDS
16-17 June 2018 Gawler June JDS JDS
1 July 2018 Playford July JDS JDS
22 July 2018 Just 4 Tennis July JDS JDS
4-5 August 2018 Gawler August JDS JDS
9 September 2018 EAP September JDS JDS
16 September 2018 Playford September JDS JDS
4 November 2018 Seacliff November JDS JDS
2 December 2018 Just 4 Tennis December JDS JDS