The Tennis SA Blacklist encompasses the names of members which have played in competition tennis at club and have become un-financial.

Once a member has been deemed un-financial, they are unable to participate in tournaments and events such as Winter and Summer Pennants, club tournaments and competitions, they are also unable to move clubs and play in different competitions until their debts have been paid at their previous club.

The procedure a club needs to take to add someone to the Blacklist is, in writing to Tennis SA state the reason for the nominated player to be added to the blacklist, including full contact details and which club is nominating them. From here Tennis SA will add this person to the Blacklist, then in writing will inform the player, club and association of this person’s inclusion to the Blacklist.

For the person to be removed, they must have paid their fee in full to the nominated club. The club then needs to put in writing that this person has paid their fee and for them to be removed from the Blacklist.  Tennis SA will then remove the player and will inform all parties of the player’s exclusion from the Blacklist.

To access the Tennis SA Blacklist, please email [email protected] with your request.