Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

– We have a major event that inspires and showcases tennis linking international tennis to the “grass roots” of the game
– We are developing the next heroes of the sport
– We are introducing children to modified tennis competitions that feed grass roots associations
– We are promoting association, club and tournament tennis by assisting our affiliates to manage their competitions
– We are ensuring that our associations and clubs are developing great competitions for current and new players to enjoy
– We are engaging our volunteers and  finding ways to recognize their contribution
– We are ensuring our facilities and clubs are well managed in regards to infrastructure and management models moving forward.

Our Mission

To showcase, promote, develop and manage the game of tennis in South Australia.

Our Values

Tennis SA Values are in place to make for an effective and efficient work place. They are there to ensure that we work professionally within the business and also externally with all our clubs and associations, members, sponsors and other associates of Tennis SA.

>Tennis SA Constitution

Tennis SA Strategy

>Tennis SA 2016 – 2020 Strategy Plan