Board Nominations

Do you have a genuine interest and passion for advancing the sport of tennis in SA?

Tennis SA is the governing body of Tennis in South Australia. Our purpose is to showcase, promote, develop and manage the game of tennis in South Australia.

Tennis SA is governed by a Board of ten Directors charged with the strategic development and growth of the sport for 55,000+ tennis participants and 276 affiliated tennis clubs/Associations/Centres/Schools in South Australia.

The Tennis SA Board Charter sets out roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors of Tennis SA. The Tennis SA Board Charter can be found here.

Tennis SA now seeks nominations for four Board Director positions.  The four positions are:

  1. Country Tennis Director* (currently occupied by Graham Smart)
  2. Female Director** (currently an open position occupied by Neville Guthberlet who will vacate the position 30 June 2019 at which time it will become female mandated until 30 June 2021)
  3. Director (currently occupied by John MacKenzie who will vacate the position 30 June 2019)
  4. President (currently occupied by Kent Thiele)

* Country Tennis Director position:  Nominees for this position are not required to reside in the country or have a specific country tennis connection. The Country Tennis Director does not represent country affiliates but may serve as a conduit between country affiliated associations and the Board.  Any affiliate that is entitled to vote in the Election Meeting may nominate for this position. However, only country affiliated associations will vote on the position.

** Female Director position:  As part of the Tennis SA Board Diversity & Inclusion strategy, amendments were made to the Tennis SA constitution in 2018 to transitionally mandate two female board positions.  One of those female mandated positions was filled at the 2018 Election Meeting and the second female mandated position will be voted on at the 2019 Election Meeting.  Tennis SA received numerous high-quality female nominations from its affiliates for the 2018 election and we encourage our affiliates to do the same for the 2019 election.

Desired Characteristics

Here are some of the characteristics we are currently looking for in new Tennis SA Board members.  It is important that the person(s) your Association nominates has at least one or two of these characteristics, but it is not essential for the person(s) to have all of them:

    1. A passion for tennis in SA including ideas to grow our sport
    2. Experience working or volunteering within tennis particularly tennis administration in an association and/or club
    3. Experience working or leading diverse teams
    4. Understanding of how to manage risk
    5. An accounting or financial background
    6. An understanding of how Local, State or Federal Government works
    7. Strong business networks
    8. Nominees for the Tennis SA board do not need to have had any prior experience on a tennis committee or other board

Location and Time Commitment

The Board currently meets 11 times each year.  The majority of board meetings are held at Tennis SA, North Adelaide, on the third Monday of the month commencing at 6pm. Board members are also able to participate in board meetings via telephone as needed.

How to Nominate

To make a nomination the nomination form must be completed and signed by the nominee and also by the nominating Association (refer to Association link for list of Associations).

Nominees are encouraged (but not required) to provide a maximum one page submission covering their contact information and also skills and experience pertinent to the above list of desired characteristics.

Nomination forms and nominee submissions must be submitted to Tennis SA by no later than 12.00pm on Thursday 18 April 2019 to be valid.  Upon submitting your form, you will receive notification of receipt. If you do not receive this notification within 24hrs of submitting your form, please contact Steve Baldas, Tennis SA CEO via Tennis SA.


The closing date for all nominations is 12.00pm on Thursday 18 April 2019.  Nominations will then be compiled and distributed (together with the one page submissions given by nominees) to Council delegates by email and post. Please let your nominee(s) know they do not need to be present at the May Election meeting which is scheduled for 7.30pm on Monday, 20 May 2019.

Further Questions

For more information or a discussion about this process, please contact Kent Thiele, Tennis SA President via Tennis SA.

Nomination forms must be submitted to Tennis SA by no later than 12.00pm on Thursday 18 April 2019 (early nominations are appreciated)