Rosanna Tennis Club

2015 Club Championships

Congratulations to the winners as well as all participants in the 2015 Club Championships.


Men’s Open Singles:

Winner – A. Chahine

Runner Up – A. Noblett


Men’s Open Doubles:

Winners – S. Madrigale and A. Phillips

Runners Up – A. Noblett and R. Doherty


Ladies Veterans’ Doubles:

Winners – J. Holl and P. Pentony

Runners Up – M. Vallury and N. Lobe


Parent and Child Doubles:

Winners – M. Holland and D. Holland

Runners Up – S. Madrigale and S. Madrigale


Boys’ U18 Singles:

Winner – R. Doherty

Runner Up – A. Noblett


Girls’ U18 Singles:

Winner – A. Ischenko


Girls’ U15 Singles:

Winner – J. Allwood

Runner Up – S. Le Grande


Boys’ U15 Singles:

Winner – J. Collins

Runner Up – C. Salas


Boys’ U15 Doubles:

Winners – M. Holland and A. Cassar

Runners Up – D. Vallury and T. Sparks


Boys’ U12 Singles:

Winner – T. Salas

Runner Up – D. Connolly


Boys’ U12 Doubles:

Winners – S. Madrigale and T. Salas

Runners Up – D. Connolly and G. Nugent