Information regarding the Orange & Green Ball TQ Primary Schools Cup (previously Brisbane International Schools Challenge) can be found below.

  • Participants will compete on a modified court size in line with the Tennis Australia ANZ Hot Shot Coaching Guidelines.
  • All ties will be played in a time frame between 9 am and 3 pm depending on the number of entries.
  • Entry fee is $70 (incl. GST) per team – no additional cost will be incurred for participation at the State Final



All matches are played using FAST4 format. Each team is guaranteed to play at least 3 matches on the day. Teams play four singles and two doubles rubbers where possible. The format may be shortened to two doubles rubbers in case there are not enough courts available. Each rubber will be played as a FAST4 set:

  • first to 4 games
  • tie-breaker at 3 games all
  • no ad-scoring
  • play lets

For more information on rules and player eligibility please refer to the rules of the competition.


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Please ensure that all team managers have read and distributed the current Rules and Etiquette Guidelines.


Each team must consist of four to five players. Teams can consist of be mixed gender or solely boys or girls.

Players can only compete in either the red, orange or green ball Regional Final.

All teams must play in school uniforms, with hats being compulsory for participation. Players should be ranked in order of their singles ability.

Small schools with a combined enrollment of no more than 200 may enter a combined team. For example: two schools of 100 students can combine students to form one team.


ORANGE BALL – view court

Court Size:              18.29m x 6.4m Singles
                                       18.29m x 8.22m Doubles
Ball:                             50% Compression
Age:                             Up to Year 5

GREEN BALL – view court
Court Size:              Traditional Full Size Court
Ball:                             75% Compression
Age:                             Up to Year 6

STATE FINAL                     

The State Final will be held in January 2022 at the Queensland Tennis Centre (QTC) during Brisbane Tennis. Players must be available for all days of competition.

More information on the final will be delivered to all qualified teams after the regional events.


Download the complete calendar here: