What is Tennis Hot Shots Match Play?

Tennis Hot Shots Match Play is the perfect way for children aged 7-11 years old to experience their first team tennis league experience and transition from learning to playing the game.


Why participate in Tennis Hot Shots Match Play?

  • Local competition (delivered by national registered clubs/coaches, associations)
  • Time friendly format for families with defined start and finish times (60-90 minutes)
  • Smaller courts, racquets and softer balls to suit your child’s age and skill level
  • Parents can have fun with their kids through on court participation and support
  • Any commitment level catered for from totally flexible match play to structured leagues
  • Structured leagues results published on National League Manager Software

What age kids does Match Play cater for?

There are two competition categories that cater for players of different standards – The 10/u Orange Ball and the 11/u Green Ball.

Orange Ball (7–10 year olds)

The Orange Ball Match Play Program is aimed at children who are beginning to play the sport and have developed an understanding of tennis through Tennis Hot Shots coaching, Community Play or at school.

Green Ball (9–11 year olds)

The Green Ball Match Play is aimed at children who have some experience in playing the sport and are participating regularly in Tennis Hot Shots coaching, Community Play or tennis at school, or have progressed from an Orange Ball Match Play Program.

To register your child

Find your local registered Hot Shots Match Play Deliverer and their dates on the National “Find a Venue” webpage.

To register to become a Deliverer

View the numerous benefits of becoming a registered deliverer here.

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