3 March 2017 | Tennis Queensland

Tennis Queensland is today launching its state-wide Facility Review Program.

From now until 5 April 2017 Tennis Queensland will be conducting a needs analysis on all affiliated tennis venues in Queensland to generate an understanding of facility conditions and what support each individual club needs.

The information obtained from this program will shape a state-wide plan for venue renewal and development which will be used to guide government and Tennis funding over the next 10 years.

Involvement in this program is exclusive to Tennis Queensland affiliates, ensuring our venues are earmarked for development and upgrades as well as receive priority in accessing financial support.


Please see below some frequently asked questions about the program.


Who will do the review?

Tennis Queensland’s local Participation Leader (PL) will visit each venue to do the review.


When will the review happen?

Each venue will be visited between 1 March – 5 April 2017. The local PL will be in contact with the facility to arrange times and access.


What will be reviewed?

The PL will look at court surfaces and run-offs, lights, fences, club rooms etc. to assess and note their current physical condition.


Does a club representative need to be there when the review is being conducted?

No a club representative does not have to be there when the review is being done. If you would like to be there that’s ok too.


Will you notify our club of the results of the review and provide us with the results?

Yes. Once your facility review data has been collated and summarised your PL will be in touch with your results and assist with the future planning of your club


If you have further questions about the Facility Audit Program please contact your local Participation Leader at Tennis Queensland.