Queensland clubs and coaches now has access to hundreds of professionally designed marketing materials on the newly launched Tennis Design Hub.

Your club orbusiness name and details can be used on the latest eye-catching Play material that promotes all kinds of tennis products and events.

All material is able to be personalized by Tennis Queensland’s Trade Marketers. For a full view of the catalogue and the request form, click the Design Hub Catalogue link HERE.

Tennis Australia’s summer marketing campaign’s tagline is “Release the Player Within’. The campaign runs from February to April. It’s bold, celebrates tennis in an everyday setting, and is inclusive of all ways to play. It will direct people to, which has also undergone an exciting refresh. To make the most of the campaign and the way people find and connect with tennis, your club should have ClubSpark, or a website that allows people to book online, for it to appear – talk to your region’s Tennis Development Officer if you wish to update your website.

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Your club now has access to hundreds of professionally designed marketing materials on the newly launched Tennis Design Hub, with marketing material across all programs, general events, and general play. Download the catalogue to get started!
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