Port Pirie & District Tennis Association

Junior By-Laws


1. The LTAA “CODE OF CONDUCT” except as amended by these rules shall apply. This covers obscene language or gestures, abuse of officials, abuse of racquets and hitting balls in anger and after due advice and warning a competitor may be reported and subsequently defaulted.

2. The age limit is 17 years of age on the day of the first match of the season.

3. The playing times for A, B, C, D, matches will be 8.30 am to 10.30 am for the early matches and 10.30 am to 12.30 pm for the late matches. E & F grade matches will be played 4.30pm Friday. Matches that would have been played at 10.30am on the day of the Christmas Pageant will be played at 4.30pm on the Wednesday before the pageant.

4. Each team must be ready to start their matches within 5 minutes of scheduled start of play. Doubles should be played first.

5.A team may claim a forfeit of a doubles game if an opposing player is not available to play within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of the match and may claim a forfeit of a singles game if the opposing player is not available to play within 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time of the match.

6. Hit ups prior to a match will be limited to 5 minutes.

7. Prior to the start of play each captain shall give the opposing captain a list of the singles and doubles players in order of play. No alteration shall be made to this list without the agreement of the opposing captain.

8. Number 1 single player cannot play in the bottom double. 9. Points for matches will be awarded as follows: – 4 points to the winning team – 2 points to each team if the results is a draw
if a match is incomplete, 4 points will be awarded to a team in an unbeatable position, points will be awarded to each team
1 point will be awarded to the winner of each completed set.

10. In finals in case of a draw, the process to be followed to decide the winner is :
sets and games for all matches then sets and games for singles matches only then winner of number one single.

11. Order of merit. After the first 6 matches, players shall play strictly in order of merit.

12. In the minor round a player may play in his/her normal grade and also play as a fillin in the next higher grade on the same day. If the 4th or 5th player in a higher team drops to a lower team, he/she must play in the number 1 position. If a player is required to play two finals in one day (1st and 2nd Semi ) then a request is to be made to the Junior Committee for consideration prior to the Saturday match.

13. Players shall not be eligible to play in any finals match unless they have played in three minor round games in this competition. If a player has played in more than ONE grade in a season, to be eligible for the finals, in the lower grade, three games must have been played in that grade.

14. The captain of each winning team shall lodge BOTH scoresheets completed and signed by both captains, NO LATER THAN 6 PM on the day the match was played, in the box provided at the Tennis Centre Canteen. Failure to do so WILL result in no allocation of winning points for that match.

15. Full names are to be written on scoresheets : Given (first) and Surname

16a. A Grade :- Use 2 new balls every week.

16b. B, C & D Grades: Use two balls for two weeks.
E & F Grades : Use two balls for four weeks.

17.A, B, C & D Grades: Matches to be 6 game set (6/5 win)
E & F Grades: Matches to be 4 game set (4/3 win).

E Grade players are to serve overarm from the baseline after Xmas break. 18. When playing on any courts, PLEASE LEAVE THE COURTS & CLUBROOMS TIDY. They are
for your benefit, so please look after them.

19. All players are to keep off the courts until it is their turn to play. Spectators and parents are requested
for safety reasons to watch from outside the courts.

20. Coaches or parents can score for D, E & F Grade if needed but are not to score for A, B & C Grades
unless requested by a player. In E & F Grade a coach at the courtside is allowable.

21. Junior events in the annual Closed Tournament will be restricted to players competing in the Port Pirie & District Tennis Association.

22. Players for the InterAssociation games will be selected from junior players competing in the Junior or Senior Competition.

23. In 2009/10 “A” Grade girls to consist of 3 players per team. Each player to play 1 single and 2 doubles.

Secondary students must play “C” Grade or above. “D” Grade – Players up to and including Primary School “E” Grade – Players up to and including Year 5 in Primary School
Exceptions – If any club has an individual case, it is to be brought to the junior committee for

Matches will be abandoned if the forecast temperature on the 6.00pm Channel 4 News Service on the previous evening is :
•Friday matches – 37c or higher (taken from Thursday night news)
•Saturday matches – 38c or higher (taken from Friday night news).
In the case of inclement weather, the Junior Coordinator will decide if the courts are fit for play. It is possible that matches scheduled for 8.30 am may be abandoned but the courts may fit for play at 10.30 am. In the event of matches being abandoned for either of the above reasons, teams scheduled to play will be awarded a draw.

26. No food or soft drinks are to be taken on to courts.(Only water to be used on the courts)

27. Disputes must be submitted to the Junior Coordinator or referee by 6 pm on the day of play.

If a Finals match is postponed due to rain or heat, the match will be continued at the same time on the following day or if this cannot occur due to rain or heat, the time shall be set by the Junior Committee in consultation with the team coaches.