Players with an Intellectual Disability Pathway

Looking to get started in tennis? Follow our player pathway to get involved:



1. Get started


Contact your Member Association to see if there are any Open Days/Come and Try Days or tennis programs for players with an intellectual disability (PWID) coming up near you. Learn more about programs for players with a disability in your state:

Other organisations you can contact for more information include:


2. Participate

Find a PWID tennis program at a club near you:

> Find a club


3. Player Development


Find a coach to help improve your skills:

> Find a coach

Attend a state-based Development Camp to improve your skills.

> Contact your state association to learn more about camps

4. Competition


State-based competition

Enter a mini circuit (a series of tournaments) in your state:

> View the complete calendar of events for players with a disability

> Contact your state association

Enter your state championships:

  • Queensland Tennis Championships
  • NSW Open Tennis Championships
  • SA Open Tennis Championships
  • Victoria Open Tennis Championships


The Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sporting event for athletes with an intellectual disability. Find out how you can get involved:

> Special Olympics Australia
> Special Olympics

The Global Games

The Global Games is for para-athletes with an intellectual disability.

> Learn more about the Global Games

INAS World Tennis Championships

INAS is the International Association of Sport for para-athletes with an intellectual disability. INAS manage elite competition and promote inclusion worldwide.

> Learn more about the INAS World Tennis Championships



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Sports Inclusion Australia – Robyn Smith
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