Over 35s

Tennis Seniors Australia runs tournaments and competitions for players aged 35 and over. These Australia-wide competitions are broken up into five-year age groups and are played in all states.

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In September 2018, the Tennis Seniors Australia (TSA) Executive and representatives from the Tennis Australia (TA) Participation team met to discuss ways the two entities could get closer with the agreed objective of better meeting the needs of adult/senior tennis players in Australia.

Both parties discussed key areas such as – playing opportunities, tournaments, administration and future projects. Importantly, discussions centred around both senior performance players as well as ways to grow tennis participation and social play of adult/seniors across the country.

Some of the key meeting outcomes included:

  • Conduct a Seniors Tennis workshop to discuss the challenges facing adult/seniors tennis players.
  • Consider establishing a Seniors Tennis Advisory Group to assist with key decisions in this area.
  • Taking a future lens to Seniors Tennis play, including competitions and tournaments but also adult social play.
  • Boost marketing communications and messages on adult/seniors tennis.
  • Continue collaboration with State/Territory Member Associations and Tennis Seniors divisions to ensure appropriate local feedback is included in the way forward.