Wildcard application and selection process – Other ITF Pro Circuit events

If you would like to apply for a wildcard to these events, please click here

Athlete eligibility:

  • Must have entered tournament to be eligible for a main draw Wild Card
  • Preferably athlete expresses interest in being awarded a Wild Card via TA website

Decision criteria:
Selectors discretion will be based on:

  • Commitment
  • ATP / WTA ranking
  • Previous performances
  • Character
  • Potential


Men’s events:

  • Rohan Fisher (Chair)
  • Chris Mahony
  • Rob Leeds
  • Head of Men’s Tennis (Decision Maker)

Women’s events:

  • Rohan Fisher (Chair)
  • Head of Women’s Tennis (Decision Maker)

The Selectors decision is final and there is no avenue to appeal under this process.


  • From time to time, independent advice will be sought from Tennis experts regarding athlete eligibility and suitability.
  • All Wild Card nominations to be cleared by Integrity Unit prior to any athlete communications.
  • Should an Integrity issue arise, the Integrity experts are to provide practical, relevant advice and guidance to the selection Panel regarding communication and management of the issue. This must be provided in a timely, proactive fashion.
  • If relevant, the Integrity experts must also be the point of contact with the athlete in question.