Parkwood Tennis Club

Senior Tennis

Information on Senior Tennis at the Parkwood Tennis Club

The Parkwood Tennis Club runs a senior tennis competition on Saturday afternoons open to all ages and competition skill level.

Our senior tennis teams represent Parkwood Tennis Club in the Eastern Region Tennis (ERT) competition and there is a Summer and Winter competition so you can play all year round.  We run approximately 5-10 teams depending on Summer and Winter participation. (In Winter there is also a Pennant competition as well).

The senior competition comprises two key formats: Doubles and Singles/Doubles. We have teams in both formats.

Each format can comprise teams of any number of males and females and are graded on skill level etc.

–  Doubles involves 4 players and you get to play a set with each player.

– Singles involves a combination of a singles rubber (i.e. 2 Sets plus tie break) and a double set.

As a player in each format you will participate in at least 3 sets of tennis each Saturday afternoon starting at 1:15pm and typically finishing for afternoon tea at around 4:30pm.

We call for registrations for the winter competition around February/March and for Summer in August/September each year.

You are most welcome to join an existing team or why not start a team of your own with your friends. We are always looking for players on the odd occasion to fill in as an emergency, so please feel free to participate at that level too.

If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact our Senior Convenor.

The Senior Convenor is Alan Sutton: 0411 222 256