Parkwood Tennis Club

About Us

Early in 1985, North Ringwood Tennis Club wrote to the then Ringwood Council advising that they had reached capacity and closed membership, and that the Council should give consideration to the formation of another Tennis Club in the area.

Acting on this advice, the Council bought five acres of private land adjacent to Quambee Reserve which was being established as a sporting complex with a view to the creation of Parkwood Tennis Club.

Towards the end of 1985, Ringwood Council wrote to foundation members Mr Eddie Nissner and Mr Frank Saliba seeking their help in forming a new Tennis club to be built on this newly purchased land.

These two gentlemen accepted Councils invitation and advised them that the cost to build four initial tennis courts would be $56,000.00 under Councils 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 funding arrangement. Council then agreed that providing the new club could raise the 1/3 share of $18,600.00 the work on the new courts could commence almost immedialty.

A public meeting was held in the Parkwood Cricket pavilion, and of those present, 25 prospective members agreed to pay $500.00 each for the unique opportunity of being a Foundation member of a yet to be established club.

Mr Eddie Nissner was elected as our first president and within a few short weeks work had commenced. The $12,500.00 raised was paid to Council and they agreed that the shortfall of $6,000.00 would be accepted as an in kind contribution ie: labour instead of money contribution. This was achieved and in August 1986 the first four courts were completed within the budgeted cost.

The Council had offered us the use of a temporary clubhouse, but when this did not eventuate Mr Wally Percy of Qanstruct kindly donated a new builders shed for temporary use.

Council then offered another grant of $56,000.00 under the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 scheme for us to build a new clubhouse, which was completed in October 1987. $13,000.00 of our 1/3 share of $18,600.00 was accepted as in kind labour, and this was achieved by the splendid efforts of a small band of volunteer workers, headed by Don and Wally Percy. An additional grant of $6,000.00 under the same scheme enabled us to flood light the four courts concurrently with the building of the clubhouse.

In 1989 Mr Brenton Martin was elected Club President and under his guidance a further grant of $37,000.00 was achieved from Ringwood Council under the same terms as previously, this enabled the club to build another two courts.

In 1992 we completed an extension to the clubhouse and thanks to another grant from the council had the means to commence construction of another two courts.

This first six years saw the establishment of the nucleus of Parkwood Tennis Club with 8 tennis courts, lights and buildings.

In the years from 1992 to the present day we have completed the construction of a further 4 courts (the most recent 2 being completed in 2004) and most notibly the provision of court lighting to all 12 courts.

With current water restrictions in place, our focus has turned to water-saving options for the club, commencing with the resurfacing of our four oldest courts to mod-grass. This resurfacing was completed in December 2007.