Parkville Tennis Club

Court care

It is important to take care of our courts. They are new and need to be well cared for to ensure a long life.

Before play the court must be well watered. The courts will be dark red. You need to wait about 7 minutes before play can commence.

After play the courts must be bagged fence to fence.

Given this extra time for court care, bookings are actually for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Do not play on a wet court

Please check the net height before altering as all nets should be at correct height already. The net measuring sticks are in the club house. Over tightening will make the net unusable.


Members are welcome to bring visitors to the courts but the member is required to be at the courts whilst the visitors are present.

A visitor fee of $5 per visitorĀ is payable to a maximum of $15 per court per hour